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CORES Auto wheel hub bearing:1. Material: Bearing steel or chrome steel2. Features:A. auto wheel hub bearings are adopted with international superior raw material and high-class grease from USA Shell grease.B. The series auto wheel hub bearings are in the nature of frame structure, light weight, large rated burden, strong resist

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CORES Auto wheel hub bearing:

1. Material: Bearing steel or chrome steel

2. Features:

A. auto wheel hub bearings are adopted with international superior raw material and high-class grease from USA Shell grease.

B. The series auto wheel hub bearings are in the nature of frame structure, light weight, large rated burden, strong resistant capability, thermo stability, good dustproof performance and etc.

C. Auto wheel hub bearing can be endured bidirectional axial load and major radial load and sealed bearings are unnecessary to add lubricant additives upon assembly.

3. Application: Auto wheel bearing are mainly used on Ford, Chrysler, Benz, BMW, Audi, FIAT, Seat, Isuzu, Polo, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Nissan, Santana and etc.

4. Size: We principally provides automotive wheel hub bearings for open formula, single or double shield from 25mm to 43mm on inner diameter.

5. Packing: Carton and pallet

Wheel Hub Bearings
Bearing N0.Dimensions(mm)Net WeightSealUse in automotive  
CORES Bearing   dDBC(Kg)  
DAC124000183 C-00187 124018.318.30.11D   
DAC20420030/2956559256592 J22 204230290.18CMercedes Benz  
DAC205000206156704               320104  5020.620.60.17DFiat ,Seat  
DAC255200206 617546A 255220.620.60.19AFiat,Seat,  
c546467/576467BT2B445539AA   VKBA869 37370.31CRenault,Peugeot,CitroenIR2220 
DAC25520040   40400.35CPOLO  
DAC25520042  25BWD0142420.36CISUZU  
DAC25520043   43430.36CRenault,Peugeot,Citroen  
DAC25520045/43   45430.35C   
DAC25550043   5543430.41CRenault  
DAC25550045   45450.46C   
DAC255600206/29 BA2B633280 5620.6290.28AFiat  
DAC25560032445979BAH5000 32320.34ECitroenIR8520 
DAC25600029/206 BA2B633272 602920.60.33AFiat  
DAC25600045   604545  Peugeot  
DAC25620028/17   6228170.19D   
DAC25620048   624848     
DAC25720043   7243430.88C   
DAC27520045/43801437 27KWD02275245430.35CNissan  
DAC27520050   50500.38C   
DAC27600050 FW12027BWD01J6050500.56CNissan  
DAC28580042576447 28BWD03ACA51285842420.47C   
DAC28590038/28   5938280.4    
DAC28610042 VKBA134628BWD01ACA606142420.56DToyota, COROLLAGTIAE921.6*16V87 513031
DAC29530037801023ABVKBA3531            BTH1206AA 296137370.35C   
DAC30550026  30BWD08305526260.32A   
DAC30550032   553232  dune buggy ZZ  
DAC30580042 VKBA134930KWD01AG35842420.4C  513055
DAC30600037545312A        529891 AB         522372BAHB63313CA 6037370.42CFiat,Lada,lancia,seat,VolvoIR8040513116
581736405956A                        434201B VKBA1307 
DAC30600043/37   604337 E   
DAC30620038  30BWD106238380.52 Dune buggy  
DAC30630042 VKBA134430BWD01A                  30BWD01AC706342420.57ATOYOTA, CAMRY-91,CARINALL 83-92,CEL  
DAC30630342   63.0342420.56ATOYOTA CAMRY-91,CARINALL 83-92,CEL   
DAC30640042  30BWD03ACA786442420.49CTOYOTA  
DAC30670024 361971 6724240.34CFord Taunus  
DAC30680045  30BWD04CA196845450.73E  510031
DAC32700038   327038380.62E   
DAC32720034   7234340.6B   
DAC32720045  32BWD067245450.6DTOYOTA 513150
DAC32720345  32BWD05 P5A72.0345450.6D   
DAC32730054DAC3273W  7354540.98B   
DAC34620037531910BAHB311316B 346237370.41CAudi,Volkswagen  
561447309724Chrysler ,POLO/90
DAC34640034 VKBA138234BWD03ACA786434340.43DHonda JAZZAA1.2 B4-86  
805231BA2B309726            309726DA  
580400CA              805464479399          BAHB636114A
DAC34670037   6737370.44C   
DAC34680037  34BWD08A6838370.55    

Stcok Bearing Rolamentos Auto Wheel Hub Bearing, Air Conditioner Compressor Bearing, A/C Bearing


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